Sunday, September 6, 2015

Evaporating Currencies

Recall my post last month when I mentioned dwinlding currencies affecting my purchasing power, when it was MYR 3.86 to a USD? Well, scratch that... nowadays it is approaching MYR 4.26 to a USD. Every thing is evaporating. At least water evaporates into clouds which rains. Where does the MYR evaporate to? :(

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Orient CEM65007B "Ray Raven"

Some (terrible- sorry!) cellular shots of my CEM65007B on those nice silicon rubber straps today. (Ignore the transparent plastic piece I put on the crystal, it's a plastic sheet from another watch I put on there as a joke and completely forgotten about it).

Get your own Orient Ray Raven here!

Dwindling Currencies..

The state of the MYR currency is appalling. At something like MYR 3.86 to a USD, it's not looking good for everyone of us. Every savings is continuously 'evaporating' into thin air. Any investment too. I have some outside currency investment but it's too little to be of any use to offset this.

At this rate, any sort of luxury is gone. Watch collecting and stuff will have to stop too.

I Has A Sad.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yet another strap...

... but this time a waterproof silicon rubber strap with red stitching to pair with my Orient Ray Raven. Saw this unique strap a watch store and I just had to have it! This strap is very thick and very soft. It's a bit hard to wear though, but looks stunning.
It costs about MYR 45. At current dwindling exchange rates, I think that is like, USD 0.01 or something like that...
However I am at the constant problem with no matching PVD buckles... :( Darn my being located in a small backwater town.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Doukou - another day another watch.

Doukou - another day another inexpensive watch, "Doukou" to show. Not much features, a quartz time keeping device for the wrist, fake leather and snap-on caseback.

Simple dial

No water resistance rating. Simply stainless steel snap-on caseback.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What do you do with watches you don't wear?

So apparently the human mind is a weird and predictable thing; we come to prefer a few things more than others. In this case, my point is about watches (of course).

What does one  normally do with extra watches one doesn't wear often? Sell them? Store them? Give them away?

In this case I discovered that I am finding some of my watches are simply not on my wrist at all and thought it would be a waste to just leave them as it is collecting dust. Then the other part of me still love them, and want to keep them, and just for in case they can become family heirlooms that I could pass down to my son, when watches are all smart solar electronic devices that could even operate the kitchen sink by then, so a mechanical or even a normal Quartz would be an item of curiousity. (What, dad, your watches only has one or two functions?? How do you even get by the day back then?)

I wanna slap myself for thinking that way, that having too many watches and getting rid of them, but then I'm partially right. We only have 2 wrists after all.

Decisions, decisions. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Found more cheap watches - Wilon be given as gifts to friends & family without watches.. Here's another Wilon.

 There's really nothing much to say about this really. It's a cheap Quartz watch, rectangular case, with clip-on caseback, folded links.

 But it's nice enough as a dress watch and simple enough to tell the time. Happy to report that the person who received this is very happy with the gift and a proud wearer.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Rossi Valentino Ladies' Rolex-style Watch

Rossi Valentino Rolex-style ladies' watch.

I've heard of this name before but it was in the form of a professional motorcycle racer (it was actually flipped around - Valentino Rossi)... but this is the first time I heard of this name as a watch brand. Regardless, it features a Quartz, 3 ATM water resistance, with a Rolex-styled stainless steel case, and has a sapphire crystal with magnifying bubble over the date.

Quite nice, for its price.


The watch itself in the box
Box cover brand
Close up on the dial
Rolex-style design.

3ATM Water Resistance

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Friday, September 19, 2014

My Thoughts on the Apple Watch

So Apple finally debut a smartwatch... and I am blown away by the simplicity design, which is classic Apple.

Take the straps and bracelet for example, they are so simply designed and yet easy to change out or resize....  I was adjusting the bracelet on the watches a while back and it was a pain in the fingers, literally, to do so. And that you required tools and a hammer.... while Apple made something that you just a press and clip, with no tools. Bravo!

The computer for the Apple Watch is also amazing, being "computer on a chip" and I am wondering if that module can be upgraded for the future.. honestly speaking, I haven't even look into the software part of the Apple Watch I'm sure it can do so much more, but I am amazed by the straps alone here, and the health monitoring parts are really interesting too, something my doctor probably telling me I need.

Casio and other smartwatch companies should take notice..

Will I buy it? Nah... not now at least... take a look at the title of this blog... poor man's watch blog.... it's a bit expensive enough alone and considering I don't have iPhone to pair it with, so the short answer is no. But it is sometime I would like to own.

Also: the battery life is what make or break this... I wonder if they are solar, just not announced?

My favorite combo is this one, look how the deployment buckle fit seamlessly! :