Sunday, February 4, 2018

Oh, my. Orient AP0003S 'Bambino Small Seconds'

Pictures say a thousand words. *Drool*

The Orient 'Bambino Small Seconds. With the new Orient Cal. F6222. features hacking and handwinding. As its name implies, it has a small seconds hand on the dial at 6 o'clock. This is also the first watch where it doesn't say "Water Resist" on the dial. Good call!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Bad 2017

So it's been a while.

Where to start... well, in 2017 I only had 3 posts, and the reason is, well it's an awful, awful year. Now in Jan 2018, Fingers crossed things things will look better (but doesn't seem like it.)

So what's been happening? Well in terms of watches..... nothing.  Because things were pretty bad right now (and to some extent, still is).  So in the watch-blogosphere... there will probably be no new watch purchases from me, though I might post some other watches from friends if they get new ones and I got a look, but otherwise.. the reality hits hard that when it comes to priority spending, watches are pretty far down the list as much as I would like to say that it's at the top but like everyone else I have bills to pay and keep a roof over my head... those take priority.

The watch shops got the worse end of the deal, I see some closing or simply disappearing. The younger people are into smartwatches, plus they purchase their swag online, while those us mechanical fans find themselves in a situation unlike mine. My fav shop is still around though, but in all seriousness I worry for the guy. I still have my job, but that's his way of living.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Orient Automatic FAG00004D Open Heart

Apparently also known as a 'Bambino' (dome crystal and all).

Such a beauty!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

My Son's First "Real" Watch

 One day walking about with my 7 year old son in town, we stopped by a watch shop as we usually do just to browse.

 My son surprised me: he went ahead and spoke with the boss, "I'd like to see these watches please."

 Not that he's shy (he isn't) but usually with talking with adults and transactions such as this he usually lets me do the talking. This time, he took charge of the situation, and totally caught me off guard.

After trying on several, he chose one that he liked, a yellow/white "Xinjie" digital watch with "30m" water resistance, a chronograph function, alarm, and day/date. I had no intention of buying it in the beginning, but the fact that he spoke up and talked in such a mature manner I just had to agree to his purchase.

And he paid for it. I bought it with cash, but he paid for the watch. Upon reaching home he took out the amount (MYR18) from his pocket money and gave it to me.

And so now he has his own watch, totally bought for himself, initiated the transaction himself, with his own allowance money, one that he wears proudly every day since, which has the added value of fully being his, the first whichout Dad's intervention (aside from being a temporary lender).

 He had several watches before, from the MYR1 vending machine cheapie that I got for him (he seldom wears it) and to him wearing my watch and smartwatch on some occasions, but this is the first watch that he can proudly say that is fully his own watch, from the get go.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Get Smart

So I got my first 'Smart watch'. This is the VeryFit Heart Rate. The 'watch', or rather, fitness band, has several functions in it, mainly, steps tracking, heart rate tracking and sleep pattern tracking.

Firstly, it's not really accurate, it's so-so. For the price (cheep) I am fine with that.. at the very least I can track how many steps I've taken per day, and how my sleeping is, in a very general.

Does it replace my watches? Heck no... I wear the VeryFit on my right hand (my wristwatches go on my left). 😂

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Wearing the Flight today

Wearing the Flight today. I put it on a tan leather strap.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Reflections on Mechanicals and Automatics

Orient Mechanical Automatic movement (pic from

Following up on my reflections on Quartz watches, now I move on to my reflections on automatics and mechanicals.

For whatever reason, and like a lot of people, my interest in watches was kickstarted by a quartz watch - and like many people out there. it is a Casio. That particular Casio, an Edifice EF-125, is still ticking on its original battery today, and aside from having to skip every 31st every once in a while, is a pretty solid and reliable watch. That watch got me thinking about other watches - namely, other even MORE reliable watches that require almost zero maintenance. Which was why I got the Edifice Solar EQS-500DB. And that watch alone should be enough, as it is virtually maintenance free - never needing battery changes for *AT LEAST* 10 years, never needing to set the time for at least the same amount of period, etc. The fact that it has a world time and chronograph is a bonus. But there was something unsatisfying about it. Yes, it was a good watch - and one of my first post I compared Casio Edifices to the Nissan GTR watches. But it was lacking some 'soul' for the lack of description - in automatics, and especially winding automatics - it having to have some attention to it made it so much more likeable.

So that in essence kicked off my search for automatics - one of my first, is the Ray Raven. I wore that watch and toyed with the bezel so often that the bezel had loosen up and was unidirectional by now.. and it developed a hunger for moar. Moar, like my Orient Wingman. Maoar, like my Orient Flight. Moar, like my Seiko 5s. Moar, leading up to my soon to be (budget allowing) choice for a new Bambino v4.

For another reason, its the thought of a micro-precision mechanical engine on your wrist ticking away. Or the sweep movement of an automatic/mechanical. On a quartz, the seconds hand always almost never aligns itself with the markers except for higher end watches. The EQS-500 does this well, but I could spot one or two places where it has gone off the slightest bits. Perhaps the ultimate for this is a SpringDrive by Seiko, but I probably won't be able to afford that comfortably.

And why Orient? Well I find that Orient sits very well in my budget bracket and fulfills 90% of my wants at the price I am able to afford. Like many, I like Seiko as well, but there something about Orient that ticks my checklists. So I foresee myself owning Japanese watches (and cars, for that matter) for the foreseeable future. Plus, I like that Orient logo.

So why do I like automatics and mechnicals so much now when its actually more practical (financially, and functionally) to have a cheap quartz? It's irrational.

Fourth Orient : Bambino FAC08003A or FAC08004D0 ?

This will be my dress watch. I'm torn between the two. So far I have a Seiko SNK 793K1 to serve the blue dial appetite so I am leaning on the Gray dialed FAC08004D0, and the tan leather strap I got for my Wingman seem to be 'my type' of leather band. So which one will it be?

Friday, October 21, 2016

This is my favorite watch so far this few months..

The Wingman with the tan leather strap is my favorite watch these months so far. I'm not kidding - the dial is easy to read from 5 miles away, the military-style PVD looks business, and it works. It's not the most expensive watch of the bunch, but it just works. Even with the poor lume, in low light conditions it was still easy to tell time from the big, contrast numbers. imagine this watch if Orient had actually put some decent lume in it! The leather strap is tan on the outside, but dark brown, almost black on the inside - which compliments the watch itself really well. This saw the most wrist time among the rest.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Reflecting on Quartz Watches

I've had some time on my hands recently and reflected on my Quartz watches - Both Casios and both Edifices.

See, even if the mechanical watches have 'soul', or a heart beat, and needs attention to wind it up, set time, etc.. the quartz just ticks on and on and on. In the case of both of my Edifices, they last almost a lifetime of the watch themselves. (There was one instance where my EF-125 stopped which I thought was the battery running out, but a bit of tapping and adjusting the hands it has gone on working since.)

This is because the EF-125 has a 10-year battery, on which it is still ticking on, and the EQS-500DB is solar.

It's easy to see why quartz watches are so popular with the general populace - especially with long life batteries or solar watches - they are basically set once and forget. In the case of my EQS-500DB, it is also perpetual.

So, with the EQS-500DB, you get:

- Water resistance up to 100m
- Reliable and toughness to abuse
- world time, 1/100 chronograph, alarm, 24 hour indicator
- solar, never needing a battery change so often
- being a quartz, the time is always spot on
- perpetual calendar so you never need to set for months that skip the 31st or leap years
- essentially almost needing no service

...and all for about the same price as my Orient automatics that only just tell the time.

In essence, these two are essential to my time keeping for all my other watches - I set all my automatics to the Quartz watches (and sometimes my phone, if I could even be bothered to turn its screen on).

So if you're rational, all you need is just this one watch.

But, and this is irrational, because I like my automatics. It's like a little engine ticking away on my wrist. It's like jewellery and fine machinery combined into one. It's precision engineering. And it's a joy to watch the movement do its thing in a transparent caseback. Quartz itself is an engineering marvel in its own right when it first came out.. it's too good for its own good.

Oh well. Quartz is important - but don't let the mechanicals become obsolete (or become high-end curiosities only for the rich). I hope the likes of Seiko and Orient keep producing affordable, reliable, mechanical little spring driven engines for our wrists and I hope people keep buying them.
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