Friday, April 11, 2014

Jaguar Swiss Quartz

This beauty piece belongs to a friend of mine. He finally stops getting cheap watches and got this Jaguar some months back. Quite a high end watch... And by high end I mean its definitely a step above what I regularly get, fitting (finally) his financial status.

The only "problem" here is that it is Quartz. Well, it's not as charming as a mechanical.


The Jaguar has a Swiss Quartz movement, sapphire crystal and PVD coating. The nice perforated leather strap curves nicely by default, and the crown has some sort of a protected layer on top.

At the end of the day, I totally forgotten to take note of the particular model other than "Jaguar". Initially I had thought it may have something to do with Jaguar, the car company, but the two are apparently unrelated.

Friday, February 28, 2014

RM1 WristWatch (USD 0.30)!

So I was walking back to my car from work one day, and saw one of these vendor-type machines that dispense "eggs", plastic egg-shaped containing toys for RM1 or RM0.50 and what caught my attention was this:
Digital wristwatches!

 So I need to give it a try. I put two 50-cent coins in the machine, turned the knob, and -

Tada! A "Time Clue" wrist device. Niiiice.

I got the yellow one. Woo!

Named "Time Clue" (well it's not wrong is it?), this is a digital LCD watch clone of a G-Shock made of very soft transparent plastic. The plastic quality is poor as you would expect, but it holds up well to normal use (for now).

The caseback is made of a black plastic that came off the in the first moments I was handling it. Pressing it back on, it has held on since. I could set the time and date, and it's actually very functional. Time is accurate as well, as can be expected from a digital watch.

Great for young children. I gave it to my 4 year old son. He likes it and can tell the time from it, but does not like wearing it (yet).

Not bad for RM1.. (USD 0.30)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mission : New PVD Leather Nato Strap

Target sighted: New PVD, leather Nato strap, for my Orient
Picture courtesy of WristSolution



Should make a pretty awesome combo.  Checks all the right stuff - PVD, buckle - check. Tan colour leather - check.  Nato strap - check.

Well, hopefully. Only one way to find out!! But first let me get my budget straightened out first...

Strap is sold at for RM75. Woo!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Superstitions Around Clocks and Watches

Here is something I have never heard of, but apparently from a friend some people still have superstitious beliefs that if you gift a clock (or watch), then that would mean you're giving death (e.g. your time is up.)

Wow if everyone will believe that then clock and watch sellers won't ever get any business and will go bankrupt!

Which is a stupid thing, because if you give a person time, then don't you extend his time?? And it's almost 2014, some people are still living in 1914.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Longbo Quartz Watch

A Longbo rectangle watch photo I took some time ago, but did not have the chance to put it up on here. This is a quartz model, most likely a Chinese brand - fairly decent watch for what the price it is probably sold at, but nothing really special.

It's a bad photo to be honest, as the lighting that day was not bright enough (overcast clouds) and this is  the reason I did not put it on here for some time. The caseback photo is actually even worse and blurry as to be unusable. :(

It does have an interest sticker with hologram stars on it though. Considering the watch had been very used, the fact that the sticker is still on is somewhat quite amazing!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Old Cognac Frapin Wrist Watch With a Nice Leather Strap

Truly sorry about the iPad pictures, I don't have my usual camera with me when I took this.

No markings on the caseback. But strap says "Genuine Leather" though. Which is thoroughly broken in.

 Found this old "Cognac Frapin" quartz wrist watch that has a very nice brown genuine leather strap. If I give the strap a good clean it should be usable for many more years. It is a 18mm wide strap. It has hardened a bit over time, but developed a nice broken-in weathered leather look.

 The watch itself? Well, the roman numerals are nice, and the dial design is not bad as well, but the I have a good reason to think that the battery has probably leaked and destroyed its internals, although I have not opened it up yet. The diameter of the case is (I did not measure) probably about 36mm.

"Cognac Frapin" is a Cognac producer, so I am guessing this is a souvenir watch from that company. Very nice watch, for a souvenir - especially that strap..

Friday, November 22, 2013

Reverse Psychology

Here's an interesting thought.

 I have a friend you see, who is quite well off. How well off? Well, he has quite a few property, drive an expensive car and has a big house. Generally, he is amonge top score ranking in the game of life. He's rich, basically.

 He can afford expensive watches, but doesn't buy them. Instead, he goes out to scout night markets, usually on business trips, and buys most of the stuff we watch collectors would call crap..

 So, he's not really a watch guy.

 Here's the funny thing; on a recent trip to Indonesia, he bought a watch from some street peddler that he liked; it is a skeleton watch. The fact that it has the name "Rolex" on it doesn't matter, he's not interested. It's the general shape and that it's a skeleton that led him to buy it.

 Now, when I'm with him a couple of times with friends, they would look at his hand and say, "wow nice watch".

 And then he would say, "Thanks, I found from a street peddler for RM90".

 And then friends would say, "Nah, you're pulling our legs. It must be expensive."

 Haha. They don't believe it's a fake. I don't think they ever do believe it. Even though Rolex doesn't make skeleton watches (as I understand it).

Friday, October 4, 2013

Casio Baby-G Ana-Digi (BGA-200)

This Casio Baby-G Ana-Digi belongs to a friend. As I didn't check what model it is, a little searching on the internet and the closest I found should be the BGA-200 model. This is one very nice black model, very minimalist and stylish at the same time.

I like the white over black display. The date displays 2 alphabets instead of the usual three (as can be seen "WE" instead of "WED" which takes some getting used to I guess. Not sure what the upper right corner (lower right in this shot) shows, looks like an element to show the time passing. Not sure about the "04" as well, but I'm guessing the seconds counter.

It was strapped to a basket so I just took a shot like that.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fake "Rolex" - This Time : A Skeleton

What's up? Another day, another watch.

  This one is from my same friend who collects all the odd watches from night markets and other questionable places. This time, he got this from a trip to Indonesia. Off of some guy who sells watches on the street. Behold, a "Rolex" skeleton. I don't even know "Rolex" makes skeleton watches. I assume they don't, but I am not an expert in Rolex. Also, I am not an expert in fakes, but this one just screams FAKE. Well for one thing, the date ring doesn't even move.

 It is an automatic though. The rotor at the back doesn't spin very freely. Like it is resting on sandpaper. Fortunately, it has a manual wind option.

 The bracelet is also funny. The pieces that you could take out aren't many, so when you resize them to the maximum available to take out, it still makes a very large bracelet, which just barely fits my friend.

Therefore, I should show it all in pictures!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Orient 'Ray Raven' CEM65007B Replacement

So, I finally got my 'Ray Raven' replacement. The seller responded to me on a holiday, took care of the problem, and sent me a nice, unscratched wristwatch. 

I'm happy!

Some observations:

I am pleasantly surprised with the bracelet. Upon sizing the bracelet, the pins are actually the ones with the clip(?) instead of the ones that come with the collar that lose itself into the smallest places and disappear forever like the one on my Edifice. Sizing the bracelet was actually a breeze, the bracelet was better than I was led to expect reading on here. Its size is perfect for my 6.5ish wrist (I never did bother to measure my wrist). The PVD is still a little thin  on the bracelet.

I am loving it so far.

About the box - it still came in the same box.. The box is still the mystery but oh well, I'm not going to fret about it.. not like I'm going to be wearing the box itself.

I put on the leather strap that I received and already noticed a scratch in the PVD / IP on the case inside of the end links when I removed it. 

Now this got me thinking about how the ion plating on it. With my Casio, I've whacked its ion plated bezel a couple of times on the underside of my work desk, door jams, and once when I caught it on the door jam the springbars broke and even fell onto a tiled floor and slid face down but there is no scratch whatsoever, it only had a tiny dent on the case. With the Orient, the way the scratch looks (plus the scratch on the first one I got) I'm getting worried this PVD / IP is not up to the stuff of even Casio. Only time will tell. It won't bother me too much because I like the worn-out look when these things get worn, or as they call it, a 'patina'.

Pictures of it and the new strap:

New watch, new strap, no scratches.

I should have gotten the black stitching. It didn't occur to me.
 Kicking myself.

Have to do something about this stainless steel buckle too.
Sourcing a PVD black version.



The Orient for an automatic is amazingly accurate over the past 2 days. I didn't see any deviations so far (however I wasn't scientific in watching the timing either)... considering the price, this is extremely good.